Scouting and Getting Started

Blog 2: Barking Owl Field Camp (Day 2-4) Scouting and Getting Started Paul and Cecilia head up to Kalumburu to collect the Traditional Owners – Mark Unghango, Scottie Unghango and Ernie ‘Chubby’ Boona, who’s country we are on and who will accompany us at camp to provide advice and approval on the sampling over the

Journey to camp

There is growing momentum around the importance of Australia’s rock art heritage. Journey to Camp The Melbourne University team (Helen Green, Damien Finch, Jordy Grinpukel, Paul Hartley) and UWA (Sven Ouzman) flew to Kununurra via Broome and drove into camp, overnighting at Theda station for a welcome rest, shower and a lovely meal. We left


Image: Helen Green   A world-class team of scientists on the KFA-sponsored Australian Research Council Rock Art Dating Project recently participated on a field camp with Armbangardi traditional owners in the Drysdale River National Park. Why? They are hoping to determine the age of the rock art. The project is regarded as the most innovative

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