Leading French archaeologist in Melbourne

  Jean-Michel Geneste is a professor and Conservateur Général du Patrimoine for the French Ministry of Culture. He has been curator of Lascaux for more than twenty years and led the Chauvet Cave research team in France. See below for links to articles and publications he has written.   Landscape Australia Magazine – Article Nawarla Gabarnmang A

Kimberley Foundation Australia Fellowship in Rock Art Dating 2018 -2022 Awarded to Dr Helen Green, PhD

A career scientist of exceptional merit, 29 year old Dr Helen Green is the recipient of a major 5-year Research Fellowship. Helen is a post-doctoral scientist at The University of Melbourne and a member of the KFA’s Rock Art Dating project research team. The new $740,000 Kimberley Foundation Australia Fellowship in Rock Art Dating is

New evidence of first Australians 65,000 years ago

The time when humans arrived in Australia has been an evolving story of its own. Early ideas in the 1970s were that the first people arrived in Australia just a few thousand years ago. Then with the discovery of remains at Lake Mungo in NSW the date was pushed out to 40,000 years. More recent

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