Research funded by the Kimberley Foundation Australia reveals Aboriginal occupation in the North West at 50,000 years ago.

A team of archaeologists led by The University of Western Australia, in partnership with Traditional Owners, has discovered that the remote Drysdale River catchment in Western Australia’s northern Kimberley region has one of the earliest and securely dated sites for Aboriginal occupation in the North West at 50,000 years ago. The site also has evidence

Who we are, what we do, and what we value

The Kimberley Foundation Australia (KFA) promotes research of Indigenous rock art and Australia’s globally important human and environmental history. It is the scientific evidence of 65,000 years of continuous, unbroken Indigenous occupation that compels the research and the KFA. Rock art research and research of the Kimberley’s environmental history is central to answering some of

Deep time, teamwork and two-way learning

The Australian, 17 May 2019 – By Victoria Laurie, Senior Reporter. Traditional owner Ian Waina dating Kimberley rock art. Picture: Kimberley Foundation Australia In northwest Australia’s rugged plateau country, the business of dating Australia’s human origins is being carried out with painstaking effort – and unique philanthropic backing. Indigenous Kimberley organisations draw on cultural roots

Rock Art Dating-2

Professor Andy Gleadow, Chairman of KFA’s Science Advisory Council and leader of the Rock Art Dating-2 project sums up the last five years of research and labour which is leading to exciting connections between what was going on in the Kimberley and other great art provinces in Australia; and a wonderful collation of research results and

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