Of significant importance is the benefit and outcomes to Aboriginal people.

KFA aims to pursue collaborative programs that are a priority for the Aboriginal people of the region and we actively foster engagement with country and culture.

TO Rowan Waina, Kimberley Visions project 2019 Photo Credit: BAC & CRAR+M. Photo: Bruno David

Research Funding

KFA funds research and initiates research centred on Kimberley rock art. We support a broad range of researchers from the fields of archaeology, geology, palynology and related areas who work with Aboriginal communities to uncover Australia’s earliest settlement history.

The Kimberley Foundation Australia itself does not undertake any research. It funds and also initiates research. We do not obtain Section 16 permits on behalf of researchers. It is expected that if you are applying for research funding from KFA you already have the support of your university/tertiary institution and you are familiar with the Indigenous research protocols. Research involving the permission and support of Aboriginal Corporations must be able to demonstrate that research protocols are understood and that the requisite consent to research is in place / forthcoming.

We are committed to supporting the next generation of Kimberley researchers. The Foundation will consider applications for research that effectively address relevant aspects of our published priority research themes. For more information on research funding please contact admin@kimberleyfoundation.org.au

Project Selection

The KFA’s Science Advisory Council (SAC) assesses project proposals in the context of KFA’s long-term research interests and with consideration of the interests and participation of Indigenous communities, sustainable research outcomes and the wider academic discourse.

KFA provides seed funding for approved ‘first stage’ projects particularly if the research has potential to become an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project with academic partners. KFA will then consider funding ‘stage two’ to support an ARC grant application. Selected projects are anticipated to deliver results that will inform both policies and practical measures, leading to better protection of Kimberley rock art. Findings also contribute to measures to find an optimum balance between access and conservation, which is increasingly becoming an issue in the management of rock art sites.

Research findings are communicated via professional journals, media channels, a series of public lectures as well gatherings to share the information with Aboriginal partner organisations.

KFA is the major funder of three current ARC projects Rock Art Dating, Kimberley Visions and Unlocking the environmental archives of the Kimberley.

Prof Peter Veth, TO Ian Waina, Jillian Barteaux, TO Adrian French and TO Michael David Morlumbun Kimberley Visions project 2019 Photo Credit: BAC & CRAR+M. Photo: Sven Ouzman

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Rock art research is central to answering some of the big questions about human migration. The impact made through KFA rock art research has the potential to rewrite the history of human migration. Recent research in Sulawesi has uncovered prehistoric stone tools thought to be 118,000 years old and nearby rock art at 35,500 years old.

It bears a close resemblance to one of the earliest Kimberley rock art styles. This research including KFA-backed research is the latest in a string of findings that is re-shaping ideas about human migration. It has shifted the focus of early archaeological research from traditional Western hotspots to Australia’s doorstep.

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You can ensure the rock art is recognised for its international significance and protected accordingly by leaving a bequest to the Kimberley Foundation Australia. If you wish to make a bequest we welcome the opportunity to meet you and answer any questions or discuss specific details with you.

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You can support the Kimberley Foundation Australia by donating shares as well as cash. ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easy for you to support us. Through ShareGift Australia you can ‘convert’ your shares into a charitable donation without paying brokerage fees. If the value of the share sale exceeds $50, you have the option to recommend Kimberley Foundation Australia as beneficiary.

ShareGift Australia is a public ancillary fund with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. The process is straightforward and shareholders receive a tax deduction for donations over $2.00.

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