Kimberley Foundation Ian Potter Chair in Rock Art visits the rock art caves of France

Director of UWA’s Centre for Rock Art Research+Management, Jo McDonald, was a Visiting Professor at the Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès (France) in February this year. Peter Veth accompanied Jo and co-presented a lecture with her on Ethnography with a specific focus on Kimberley rock art. Peter and Jo made a number of visits to key Palaeolithic sites, including Chauvet, where they were hosted at the Ministerial level by Dr Geneviève Pinçon, Director of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. They also visited the newly opened replica which has received more than 600,000 visitors in its first 6 months. Colleagues Drs Gilles Tosello and Carole Fritz led the tour to Chavuet Grotte the Pont d’Arc (featured in the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams) and Le Tuc d’Audoubert (featuring clay bison bas-relief sculptures). The visit to the Perigord also included a visit to Courgnac Cave and to the workshop where the new Lascaux IV replica is currently under construction.

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